Vintage Quickmill commercial grinder ID

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Hello ~ long time lurker, just picked up this beauty ~ do any of you know how the grind adjustment is supposed to work?
All parts pieces seem to be there but the burr docent appear to move (in or out) to move when adjusted even though the dial spins / clicks like it should ~ a manual would be awesome but this grinder is not listed on Quickmill site ~ i'm not even sure what decade this is from

The only info i could find about it is from these old posts here Need replacement burrs for vintage Quickmill bulk grinder


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Turning ( don't know if clockwise or counterclockwise) the frontal dial wheel you will push the rotating burr, going coarser, rotating the same wheel at the opposite the spring behind the rotating burr will make the burrs getting closer, so finer.
Did you tried to turn the dial wheel until it stop?
Not an expert in such "vintage" items but it should be at least 40 years old if not 50 years old so forget about any available manual unless you can find some collectors, i think in this forum there is a person which could help you, Orphanespresso if i remember well.

jtwh20 (original poster)

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Thanks for your reply! I have tried turning the dial and while it seems like it is working, there is a set screw underneath that I think may be keeping it from moving close or further from the inner burr ~ have to monkey with it later see if i can get it to move

jtwh20 (original poster)

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Update ~ I loosened the set screw and turned the dial, and low and behold fine grinds :)
I had the dial turned all the way IN which I would've thought would be finer, but after turning the dial OUT we're at what looks like the "original zero" and getting finer than espresso grinds ~ more "dialing in" to do