Viebiemme Domobar boiler not filling.

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I just replaced a faulty heater

Tested machine and tank filled up correctly with switch in position. Could hear pump running and verified boiler filled.

Tuned switch to position 2 and boilervheated up. Ran some water through group head and could hear pump running fine.

Ran some water out of the hot water wand.

But pump didn't start to top up tank.

And now I can't get the pump to run to top up tank.

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Un plugged and replugged connectors into controller and problem seems to have gone away for now.

Good news is I can make coffee again and my boiler has had a good de scale and has a new heater in it.



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Nice job on the repair, and I'm glad that you have it working again after a little snafu!

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Since you have an 'early' machine, it's possible the controller is heading north [we say south up on this side of the equator].

Electronics have a finite life and shorter ones in hot environments.