Victoria Arduino Eagle 1 Prima - Fix the rattling

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#1: Post by bbuijsman »

I just got my VA Eeagle 1, and I love it, but it makes so much noise! (Compared to a Linea Mini for example)

Did anyone already insulate the pump, or added some padding between the top plate or anything?

WOuld love to get some input before I start trying stuff myself :D


#2: Post by bobbieO7 » replying to bbuijsman »

I'll let you know how mine goes once I received it.

Could you be more specific on the noise? Like at what stage did you notice the loudness, on startup? while brewing? What decibel levels?

Requiring additional insulation on a new machine seems unusual could this be a lemon unit?

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bbuijsman (original poster)
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#3: Post by bbuijsman (original poster) »

During brewing, the pump just makes a lot of sound, and the top plate is rattling a little bit. But maybe it's just that the linea mini is really silent :D


#4: Post by Pressino »

bbuijsman wrote:...the top plate is rattling a little bit... :D
I've never used that machine, but I've found that rattling noises are often due to looseness in the frame of espresso machines. Finding out which panels or other removable parts (like the drip tray, cover panel) have play in them and either tightening them up or inserting shock absorbing rubber material is all it takes to quiet things down. The other possibility, which is less common is a loose connection on an internal part, like the pump. You wouldn't expect that in a properly assembled new machine, but it sometimes happens. :(

bbuijsman (original poster)
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#5: Post by bbuijsman (original poster) »

Yeah I guess it's mostly panels that are making the noise, I'll try and find some sound dampening rubber. Thanks!