Vibiemme Kometa Owners: Need help with troubleshooting and wiring

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Hello all. I came across a Vibiemme Kometa a while ago and started replacing parts. It was working for a while and then I decided to descale it...The safety valve head sheared off of the threads, one of the spades on the volumetric flow pump came off into the connector, the contact thermometer fell apart, and just recently after putting all things back together, the heating element blew when I turned it on to position 2. I took the heating element out and it was in two pieces. What I need help on is ensuring the wiring is all correct. My labels came off and for some odd reason, I didn't take pictures of where everything was before hand. I need to see where each lead from the leds, heating element, and contact thermometer connect to make sure i have them done correctly so when the new heating element arrives, I don't blow it again.
Any help would be appreciated!


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There's an older thread: acquired used Vibiemme "Kometa," have some questions that has some info. Stefano and coffeeparts are still available as resources.
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