Vibiemme Domobar - Boiler Pressure Problems

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Hello All.
A month ago, I posted about some problems with my Vibiemme Domobar Junior HX. Well, it turned out that the heating element was dead, and I figured out how to replace it on my own, which was interesting to do. So, it is up and running again.

This morning, I pulled 3 shots. Went to steam the milk and there was no steam. Boiler pressure gage was very low. I was briefly like 'oh no, not again...' So, I switched off the machine for a minute, and then turned it back on. After waiting a few seconds, I saw the boiler pressure gage rise again, and everything was fine.

I am trying to understand the operation of this machine and diagnose what could be the cause of that brief 'cut out' of the heating element this morning. Clearly it heated up ok, remained hot for 3-4 shots, but then the heating element shut off for some reason, causing the boiler pressure to fall. Then, I turn the machine off and back on, and the heating element comes back on, allowing the boiler pressure to build back up.

If any of you have any thoughts you are willing to share with a espresso machine novice (well, two years in...), I appreciate your expertise. I'm decent with a multimeter, but I don't always know what I should be looking for.



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Might be a bad pressure stat.