Vesuviana - Tank Cleaning - Descaling and Oxidation Removal

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Tank Cleaning - there are two issues-
1) the descaling - removing the white and other water mineral residue removal - Vinegar/Citric Acid/Tarter/Soda - recipes seems to handle that.
2) the oxidation of the aluminum. Which is the black that we see. When you polish the outside with Mother's or Some other compound - the black coming off is the oxidation. Part Chemical Reaction, Part friction is what removes that. This is what is also on the inside of the tank. I've polished airstream trailers - it's a brutal process - but I wouldn't want that in my coffee. :)

But since we can't get into the tank to actually remove the oxidation - are there harsher chemicals that can remove that? I'm wondering if it is even safe to be using these? Are there products to reline the tanks with another coating that would make it safe?

3) Filter screens - a couple of the older ones I have - (no center screw) - I see know what to remove the screening that is there. They are caked with rust and deposits.. I think I' will try Wink -Iron/Rust remover and / or CLR.

I have four I've soaked for a couple of days with citric acid boiled than another recipe of citric of acid and vineger.. now I made up a really strong mix of the citric for each and will let them sit for 3 or 4 days. Shaking them up every so often..

Thank you...

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Internally the oxidation may be a protective barrier against further corrosion while not imparting flavors to the coffee. So, beyond cleaning any coffee residue, I wouldn't worry about the aluminum other than letting it dry out so it doesn't pit and corrode.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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Be careful using acid in an aluminum tank. It won't remove oxidation - in fact, the surface probably will degrade more.

Gary is right. Live with the oxidation. It is a stable compound that should do no harm. The only alternative I know would be soda or bead blasting the interior and anodizing it. Definitely not worth doing.