VBM no brew pressure

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#1: Post by Blatallic »

Hello everyone, I have a VBM that is not making any pressure. I replaced the pump and the opv and still no luck. Its a heat exchange and has a water tank.

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

So what does it do? Can you hear the pump run? Does the pump not move any water, or does the water escape somewhere? Where are you expecting pressure but the machine is not "making" it, in the brew circuit or the steam circuit?
How are you measuring pressure, by reading the machine's gauges or by connecting a gauge?

Does the machine appear to think it's working, ie. Does it fill its boiler? Does it heat up the boiler? Is the boiler pressure somewhere between 0.9 bar to 1.4 bar? If you run the pump with the brew valve closed, does the pump stall or open the OPV or Expansion valve (If it has both)?

I think we need more information. Where it the machine's "Lack of pressure" issue?