VBM HX loss of brew pressure?

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Hi. It looks like my VBM lost its pressure. The water without the portafilter is very weak and when I operate it with the blind portafilter when it comes to max pressure the pump just shuts off. ( not sure if it's normal) I'm guessing that my pump is bad.
I can add some video, just didn't find the option to do it here.


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Yes. If you're hearing the pump stall at a pressure lower than 10bar (Or too low to open the OPV), then the pump is too weak to be any good. Replace the pump.

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YanFox (original poster)

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I have ULKA Model E Type EX5 pump. 120V 60Hz 1/1min
Should I look for the same one or I can upgrade it somehow?


#4: Post by RobAnybody »

You could upgrade to a model with a longer on/off time
(2/1), or if your old pump has plastic connections change to a version with brass connections.
(there used to be an extensive ulka model list in the recources, but it appears the link is broken..
here is a direct link to the catalogue
https://www.cemegroup.com/Content/image ... o_ceme.pdf pumps start at page 86.)
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YanFox (original poster)

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Here are some videos, hope it will upload properly
Any Ideas?

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#6: Post by cafeIKE »

Check all the wire connections.

You should check the thermistor to make sure it is still good. It should measure only about 1/10th Ω more than shorted meter leads.

Check the tank filter. If there is no filter, check the pump to see if there is a bit of crud in it. Ulka pumps are easy to disassemble and clean. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=ulka+pump+reb ... &ia=videos

After the above, remove the pump outlet line from the boiler fill valve and see what the flow measures in 30s.

On a recent Vibiemme rebuild, I replaced the EX5 with the EFX5.
It's quieter and mouthfeel is improved.