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that makes sense, hence the fill button


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There is no fill button, this is a single boiler machine, so has on/off button (INT) , steam mode button and water from tap button. Single boiler machines are used in coffee mode for normal coffee production, then put into steam mode if you want to steam milk and wait for it to come up to steam temp . This is an important difference and why they have no fill probe unlike a typical HX machine where you can brew and steam at same time . It is also important to re prime the boiler after steaming milk to avoid element damage

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I'm still waiting for delivery of the new valves, so decided to have a bit more of a look. This temperature probe look like it has a bit of scale so I think I'm going to pull the boiler out completely.

Unless I'm mistaken the probe is supposed to be able to pull out of the sheath but this one doesn't, it gets to the top and then stops. I was going to clean it up and put some more heat compound on it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it out, or should I not bother?

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Boiler doesn't have any scale but it's pretty black in there....

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I've got almost all of the bits now, there's enough to start rebuilding and it's going to be almost as new for the replaceable parts. I ended up getting a new thermostat but I'm a bit puzzled because it's 55 degrees maximum temp. does that seem right?

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And the plot thickens. Apparently this thermometer is a revised part, and they no longer supply the original one where the bulb gets inserted in a sheath. But the new one won't fit through the hole and I can't thread the nut. Does anyone know how these are supposed to fit (or if it is compatible)

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Answering my own question, I found the answer in another thread. M12 fine x M14 fine adapter. Not sure where I'd find one so the old thermostat is going back in...

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So I started putting everything back together today. Quite a few leaks, was dealing with them one by one and found that some teflon might be needed in the junction between the pump and the OPV. Sadly, doing it up too tight sheared off the connection. So now it's another week's wait for a new one.

a had some trouble getting the pressure right, might post separately.

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All done! Quite happy with the new set up, just need to practice on the milk as it's all a bit quick at the moment.