VBM Domobar Junior - Gauge for brew pressure not working

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Hi guys, I am a new member so be gentle ;)

I have a Domobar Junior and I believe its around 10 years old. I have purchased it second hand and since I purchased it the brew pressure gauge has not been working. But also the green light next to it.

Could someone help me with some tips around getting the brew pressure gauge working. Mechanically I have tested it and the needle moves just fine. It always sits around 2.5bar.

Also the green LED i assume its just a bulb replacement jobbie?

Attached is one photo.


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If just the gauge is bad, then you can probably find a replacement at Stefanos... https://www.espressocare.com/

The green light is a the power indicator, correct? If it's off, then it means the machine is off or something else (like the reservoir fault circuitry) has cut power. Does the machine power on at all? Or does the machine run fine and just the lamp is burnt out?


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Machine runs perfectly fine. Just the green light and the gauge are the problems.


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If the machine is 10 years old and has been running on tap or Brita-style filtered water for many locations, it might have enough scale inside to block the thin pressure tube to the gauge. Does the gauge read 2.5 bar even when the machine is off? (I wouldn't descale unless an inspection suggests you need it.)

I'm guessing that the espresso you make is good. If not, how much water does it pump in 30 s without a portafilter in the group? Weighing it is sometimes easier than using a measuring cup.