Used Elektra Deliziosa - no hot water

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I purchased a used Elektra Delizosa last week and have just gotten around to testing it. I have it connected to a Flojet and the boiler filled without issue, and I brought the machine up to temp. The P stat needed some adjustment for ideal operation. My question is I'm not able to get hot water from the tap. The funny thing is there is plenty of steam from the wand and nice brew temp from the group just simply no hot water from the valve lever.

Im thinking there is something stuck in the lever mechanism. Any tips on what I should look for before I remove this piece? I do not believe scale is an issue. Thanks


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I would drain and check the water line for scale/blockage. Don't see how it could be anything else. Hot water line I think is just a copper pipe, directly connected to the boiler near the bottom controlled by the valve. Has to be blocked.

Evergreen77 (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply. I started by taking the tap feed to the back of the valve off and found solid flow. I then took apart the valve and traced it down to the jet breaker that sits in the water tap. I treated it to a quick acid bath and have full flow now.

With a few more small maintenance items I hope to have a nice little machine. I've always liked the look of Elektra.


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Glad you got it going easily. Yes, I love my Elektra A3...though it is a aggressive beast!