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#11: Post by pizzaman383 »

Is it even noisier than before?
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#12: Post by apoopoo999 » replying to pizzaman383 »

The sound and sound level is the same as before but some of the vibrations are gone because the gearbox is now mounted to a heavy aluminum chassis.

Here's a video



#13: Post by apoopoo999 »

Ive been using this for over a month now and I have to report that it's been extremely consistent. The true stepless, single and linear adjustment made bean changes much easier to dial. I can also lock the grind setting and stop the drifting that was annoying me so much. I hope baratza would consider making a new version of the Sette that takes on this approach. I don't know if everyone agrees with me on this but I don't really care for the lcd display or timers. I just need an on and off switch and linear stepless grind adjustment that won't drift.


#14: Post by cccpu »

That's funny and cool
:lol: 8)
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#15: Post by wachuko »

Did you take photos and notes along the build to share?

I have some of those materials at home.... Well, except a brass rod and a Sette...
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