Trouble with Feld2 Grinder by Knock

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#1: Post by warrenlain »

Since we all know Knock's customer service is non-existent, I am going to assume I'm on my own. Does anyone have resources or know of a community where other users may be experiencing similar issues with the product? Or can you help?

My issues:

* Beans have been grinding very unevenly since a few weeks ago. It takes ages to do a pour over as fine grains clog up my filter and over-extract while coarse grains under-extract. No matter how I change the setting it won't fix this issue.

* In trying to disassemble the grinder, which looks elegant in that it only has two screws, the one underneath the center post of the grinder wouldn't come loose at all, it's completely stuck.

* The other screw on the side that would not budge seemingly broke in half. It's the screw on the that should be entirely flush with the catcher.

* Now the grinder no longer sits flush with the catcher (bottom cup part that catches the grinds)

I'm not super handy but I understand that these are metric hex/Allen screws at least.

Here are some images:

Uneven grind

Stuck screw located under center post

Broken screw (half stuck in the grinder) on the side

Won't close/sit flush

I would greatly appreciate any help or direction here. It's a $200 grinder and I haven't even reached the two year mark.

Edited to upload native images.

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Hi Warren,

Sorry to hear that. But thankfully the community is quite resourceful and you should be able to get some help.

First of all, before you start doing any of this, just make sure you have properly-sized Allen keys and they fit in the slot without much slop. If you're using undersized (eg mixing matching Imperial and Metrics), there's a risk the screws could be stripped and rounded off. If that occurs, it will take way more effort to fix that.

To unscrew the center screw, you need to affix the handle (see video below). Then make sure you have the properly sized key and then you can apply as much force as required to undo it.

The side screw is the alignment screw in my understanding. I wouldn't touch it under normal circumstances (for your future reference).

Can you clarify what you meant by the screw was broken in half (not obvious in the photo) or how did you come to that conclusion? Were you able to remove the side screw completely?

You may also find this thread useful, particularly this post by jbviau that links to the now-archived post on another forum:

Feldgrind 2

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#3: Post by Bluecold »

Removing a stubborn worn out hex thing is sometimes best done by hammering in a torx bit which is just slightly too large. However, the hex grub screw still looks serviceable enough not to go this route (yet).

Might want to look at hex plus keys from Wera, they promise a better engagement by having a special shape.
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warrenlain (original poster)

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Thank you all for your replies. I watched the Aergrind disassembly and saw that I am not able to get my Feld2 past what is happening in the video at 1:30. It simply doesn't budge, even using my drill/driver on maximum torque.

The side screw also appears to now be stripped. I believe I had the right Allen key sizes as I have both metric and imperial. The side screw appeared to be 2.5mm. I tried 3, 2, and also imperial above and below that size and it only worked with 2.5mm before it was stripped.

What I meant when I said it broke was that the screw post appeared to be broken in half, the bottom still stick in the side of the grinder as a result of trying to simply disassemble it. Unfortunately, I can't show you now that it's stripped.

Surprisingly, Peter Kilpatrick reached out to me yesterday. So we'll see what happens. I could use some good vibes as my first experience with Knock was not a positive one even if the grinder performed well in the meantime. That said, I'd rather pay shipping to Scotland than have a worthless grinder.

warrenlain (original poster)

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I received a reply this morning from Peter offering to repair at cost and eat shipping one way if I paid shipping one way. As this is apparently the busiest time for Made By Knock, I do appreciate they prioritized this case.

I suspect this is the best way out of an unfortunate issue.

Much appreciated, everyone. Will keep you all posted.


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Sounds fair to me. I have that grinder and love it for travel

warrenlain (original poster)

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Latest update:

I sent the grinder out on Dec. 23rd with a picture of the package. I waited for over a month before reaching out again.

I emailed on Feb 5th, 10th; and 13th asking for an update/if they've received it.

No reply so far.

I have to say because of my first experience with MBK that I expected this. I'm feeling very disappointed and frustrated. I expected a bare minimum of a reply, at least. "Yes." "No." Either would have been better than nothing.

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warrenlain (original poster)

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What do you all think I should do with regard to my situation?

Now that the grinder and my money are in their possession, and I have no communication from them after repeated attempts...

Is there anything I can do? I've reached out on Instagram through private message, no response. They've shut down all public comments on Instagram, too. I feel like I've been scammed. It's infuriating.

Does anyone know how to reach them?

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#9: Post by Shenrei »

Their customer service is the reason I will never purchase MBK products, nor ever recommend them, ever again, regardless of where they are sold. I've owned both a Hausgrind and a Feldgrind and sold both despite not having issues with either. Communication is an exercise in frustration and aggravation. Take your money elsewhere.
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warrenlain (original poster)

#10: Post by warrenlain (original poster) » replying to Shenrei »

Yeah I'm hoping to just get my grinder back at this point.

Does anyone have a better way to contact them? Does Peter have a partner who cares more about communication?