Tripping Electrics after Descale

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Since descaling my Mini Vivaldi ii S1, as soon as the brew boiler is at temperature, the electrics in the house trip?? We are in a hard water area, and have had issues with washing machine elements in the past. I thought the problem was therefore the element within the steam boiler. I contacted a local engineer, and dropped my machine to have it repaired. Several months passed, and he informed me that it was the element, and the whole boiler had to be replaced, however he was having issues finding a replacement. I managed to source the new part, and forwarded him the details, and he then gave me a price that was extortionate. I decided to collect the machine, ordered a new boiler, fitted the boiler myself and was disappointed when I fired everything up that the problem still persists. Any other ideas as to what the problem could be? Thanks in advance. I can pour espresso, the problem is when the steam boiler kicks in.