Tried to install a pressure gauge on Rocket Appartamento -- without success.

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I thought I would install a group head pressure gauge on my new appartamento (less than a month old). I had no issues removing the bolt. I added two washers onto the pressure gauge. I have 2 issues.
1) It leaks no matter how tight it is. The video I saw the person stated that they did not need plumber's tape. Has anyone installed one of these without using plumber's tape? I have tried it with 1 washer only. I tried it again with 3 washers.
2) Cannot get it to align. I really feel incompetent when I cannot get it to align properly. At one point, it was completely upside down.

Note: I purchases 2 models. The white Orman and the black Coffee Sensor. Both failed. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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I've never done any but the ECM one that comes with the flow control, but once you look closely at the angle of the hole so that you can line up the threads, it always seals up without anything other than the teflon washer(s) and green o-ring. Having a super-thin, bent wrench helps so that you aren't torquing it by the cylinder of the gauge. I don't know if the other brands are more difficult that the ECM, but on the ECM the parallel threads are so snug that I've had more than one customer accuse the sales dept. of sending them the wrong gauge.
As for getting it right side up, try first with only one washer and the o-ring, if that doesn't do it, both washers and the o-ring. (Assuming yours is the same). I have to recommend against using any sort of tape or sealant. Good luck.

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Perhaps the group profile impedes full seating?
The washer from the bolt should seal if the gauge goes far enough into the group.

FYI, the Orman does not fit Vibiemme or Wega groups, so group gauges are not univeral.

And please update your profile with your new toyz... :roll: