TP-Link HS110

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Hi guys,

First posting here for me :-) Hope you understand my English - I'll do my best.

The fact is, that i've bought an TP-Link HS110 for my espresso machine (currently La Pavoni, but soon an E61).

The TP-link works just fine but I've wondered two things:
- In the manual it says that it can run coffee machines up to 800 W. But it can also run irons up to 1500 W. Why is that? And will it influence the performance or safety of running it with af coffee machine which often is more than 800 W?

- Can it be configured so it automatically turns of the machine in case of disconnected from the WIFI? I've just made the test and tried to turn of the WIFI while the machine is turn on and then the machine stayed on. It could be a nice safety if the machine automatically was turned off if there is af breakdown in the WIFI. It do not happen often that there is af WIFI breakdown but it happens sometimes and there is no reason that the machine in that case could be turned on all the time until the WIFI gets online again.

Hope some of you guys have inputs to one or maybe both of the questions.

Best regards
Kasper, Denmark


#2: Post by nguye569 »

Is this the one you bought? The website says max load of 2.99KW, so I don't think you'll have troubles if your machines maxes out at 1500W.

I don't know enough to answer about turning it off if the WIFI goes down. If it's not in the settings, then it may not be something that is easy to do.