There is rubber coming out of steam wand

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Where the steam wand moves on my lucca M58 there is rubber coming out of it and it isn't smooth moving the steam wand...
Can I fix this?


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Good Morning,

This should be easily fixable. As you can see, there is a hex nut over the wand. this nut presses the steam wand into a flange.

thinks of it as a hip joint: to be able to rotate the wand in all directions, the wand has a ball point end, which is pressed against some rubber gasket. Heat, pressure and friction are bad for every gasket, and at some point, they will deteriorate.

if you are lucky, its only an o ring. those cost a couple of cents in any hardware store. if you are not so lucky, it is a square diameter specialty gasket. in this case, it might cost almost a dollar, plus mail order delivery. not too bad in either case.

take off your steam wand with a proper sized wrench (could be metric, could be imperial.... with piping, fittings etc, you never know. thats what adjustable wrenches are for (actually, adjustable wrenches are the devil. but they may be appropriate for this job)).

Peel out the remainder of your rubber gasket, and start googling 'lucca m58 steam wand gasket'. or take pictures of your gasket and report back in the forum.

I am sure that with the help of the good people here on HomeBarista, you'll get your machine fixed in no time.
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i think i found it: ... and-repair

3 Dollars In this shop. But its just an o-ring. so any plumber should be able to help you out....
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marlodmb (original poster)

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Awesome thanks