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So I had searched high and low for a solution for plumbing my drain line from my Rocket Mozzafiato into my sinks drain. I had the thought of putting a y pipe at the inlet to my disposal from the dishwasher as it seemed like the perfect spot, but didn't want to do the same as many on here with an open pipe and the tube stuck inside.

I was quite close to creating my own and 3D printing it when I found the perfect solution on amazon. It is meant for RO waste lines but works amazingly well for our machines. It also allows the use of the dishwasher airtrap ensuring no backups.

Thought I'd share as I couldn't find any clean solution for this and hope I can make someone else's search a bit easier.

Watts Premier 164020 DLA-D Drain... ... b_ap_share

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I found the same connection but was worried about the heat. What kind of tubing are you running into the push connect?
I have a split sink and ended up adding a tailpiece with dishwasher connect to my 2nd drain. Connected a larger silicon tube to that and threaded the drain tube into the larger tube. Not the most elegant fix but happy with the result.

Thanks for sharing.



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I'm just running standard 3/8 John guest tubing into the Y push connect. The plastic it's made of will not get damaged by the heat. The water coming into the pipe also cools down quite rapidly.