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Everyone above assumes the threads in the hole are stripped. Another possibility (actually occurs more frequently) is that the screw head broke off, which explains why the head spins so freely. Remove all three screws and lift out the lower burr to see whether or not the "stripped" screw is actually stuck in its hole. If so you'll need to remove it with a screw extractor.

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Randy G.

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That is a good call, but a broken off head normally feels a lot different from stripped threads.
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austinado16 wrote:You may not have read my post. I specifically detailed how to deal with both.
You are clearly more knowledgable about machining than I am... curious if you think rethreading with a tap is worth a shot before he drills it out for a helicoil.


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Randy G. wrote:That is a good call, but a broken off head normally feels a lot different from stripped threads.
Also, unlikely considering I assume the screw is steel and the carrier is alumiunum.

ChrelleGreg (original poster)

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Thank you for all the great responses. I'm always amazed by the amount of people that are willing to help on this forum. Its awesome. A Heli-Coil kit might just be the way to go, and thank you "austinado16"' for the great guide.

And I'm certain it's the hole in the Ode itself that are stripped. I can screw the out with no problem, and in again. The screw's threads look fine. The problem occurs when it's at the bottom and beginning to tighten, that it just keeps spinning, suggesting that the hole do have some threads left, but not enough to hold force.

I've actually spoken with Fellow Ode customer service, and it seems like they are willing to cover this under warranty after all. I cannot believe the level of customer service if this ends up being true.


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That's great that the company is going to help you out. Well done!