Steam wand modification for Izzo Alex Duetto IV

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#1: Post by OckhamzRazor »

Is it true that the "no burn" steam wands perform worse? If so would it be easy enough (and worth it) to remove that inner lining from the wand and get a rubber grip, or do I need to purchase a whole new steam wand. Machine is Izzo Alex Duetto IV Pro. I have pretty good steam already (steam boiler pid set to highest), but if it's easy enough I wouldn't mind upgrading the steam want away from the no burn version. Maybe it's not even worth it though... Thoughts and advice welcome TIA!


#2: Post by jgood »

I found the "burn" version an improvement - but YMMV! I replaced the "no burn" wand with a SS one as the cost was not too bad. If you go "burn" make sure you get the little rubber finger protector for the wand -- the wand gets "burn" hot.

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I can make very good micro foam with the stock no-burn original Izzo Alex Duetto steam spigot. No-burn is an obvious advantage. Not having it might also mean a steam wand that's harder to clean if not immediately attended to.

I see no reason to change if steaming pitchers no larger than 50cl.
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