Steam boiler replacement parts for ECM Synchronika

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Hi everyone - looks like I need to replace the steam boiler, heating element, and gasket for my Synchronika. Frankly I'm a little surprised as it's only 5 years old. Parts availability is a problem. Whole Latte Love, Clive Coffee, etc, don't have the parts in stock. Do you have any ideas on where else I may be able to track the parts down?

Thanks in advance, Anand

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If you like you can email the part numbers we can see if we might,
this reply is intended as a "trying to help and not necessary trying to sell".
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Thank you Stefano, I agree and appreciate the help and will email you offline.

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Following up here - looks like parts are backordered until end of November. Searching for other sources outside the USA. If anyone has a lead, I'd appreciate the steer. Thanks, A

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Are you sure you need the actual steam boiler? Element and Gasket I could find for you. (Trying to help, not to sell)

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Yes thank you. Element is out of stock. Boiler and gasket are in stock. If you could help me track down the element it would be amazing. I've been emailing Germany today to try and track one down...

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Update - JRising came through like a champion and was able to help me locate what I needed. Can't thank him enough.