Starting rebuild on the La Marzocco Linea I acquired

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I had mentioned in my other post about getting a La Marzocco with the Brasilia. So now that the Brasilia is effectively done, getting into the La Marzocco.

Overall not in horrible shape but not as good as I'd initially thought. There are a lot of iffy components that are "working" but don't seem they're in great shape for long term reliability. So will have to decide what is worth of getting replaced at the moment. Ideally I'd replace everything that is suspect but cost is a factor.

So far have most parts descaled, obviously replacing all gaskets/seals. Issues I've encountered so far: Need the spanner wrench for group heads, may just make one. The brew boiler is the old type with nuts held inside. Someone used the wrong gaskets and stripped some of the nuts as well as two holes on the group head are broken and slotted. I may try to repair by brazing that.

Additionally the steam boiler had a crack in the braze, one bolt broke off getting the end cap/heater out. Got the broken bolt removed and had a welder re braze the end of the boiler as that's a bit more than I can do. The wiring was all cracked from heat. I'll be replacing all the wiring with high temp fiberglass. I also need to decide if I'm going to replace the two all in one touchpad/controllers with the current separate touch pads/controller.

I did by chance find a La Marzocco pump and portafilters locally for a great price so that's taken care of. Otherwise, that's all for now. Probably will have questions later.
Have the machine at a friend's house who's been helping out. Also for the heated garage. The brewing boil kettle makes for a easy way to heat the citric acid.

Cracked braze on boiler flange

Before starting

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Alrighty, first question on this one. Does anyone know a source for the thin stainless sheet metal holder for the brass nuts inside the boiler? Espresso parts seems to have the old style paper gaskets, bolts, and, and nuts. But I've not seen the bracket listed online anywhere. I'll try to call around next week regardless.

I had quite the struggle during disassembly, a few of the bolts I think had been way over tightened to attempt sealing the gasket. So when I tried to unscrew them from the outside the nuts spun out in the bracket inside. I was, with some amount of finesse able to get a wrench on the backside of the remaining rather stubborn bolts.

A piece of all thread and electric tape were just enough to get the wrench aligned onto the nuts through the heating element hole.