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Recently I've purchased a Starbucks Barista espresso machine at my local salvation's army for $40. Seems like its in good condition overall, after i wiped it down it's looks sorta new. It's turns on and heats up fine but i think i got a problem that could be fixed if I'm told what is it and how to do so. So, i tried to descale it using Urnex descaling solution and I've notice in the process of it the group head leaks a lot of water when I use the steam wand to flush out water. I don't think this is normal. Also i notice it leaks a few drops of water when it's initially turned on but not much and it eventually stops. I know this model is old and also discontinued but also I've heard that this model is good and sturdy. My question is, is this an easy fix? Do i replace the group head? Or is it something else? Can someone guide me in how to do so? Thank you.


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Could be a simple fix.
Mostly of such machine group head has a spring that push a seal closing the water path once using the steam.
If the seal it's worn, will not keep the group head water path closed once using the steam, or in the worst scenario some parts are missing, like the spring or the seal.

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Djuan214 (original poster)

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So it turns out when I turn the nozzle all the way for water to come out of the steam wand the leaking stops but when I barely turn it, it leaks. Regardless, Will try to check and clean the group head, but it doesn't seem like a big deal now.


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Well, it's not a leak if water passes over the brew valve when the operator forces water over the brew valve. If you think too much flows from the group and not enough to the wand, then replace the brew valve parts. There are kits available. If it's the Saeco one, see if you can get: ... e-Kit.html

from your local Espresso parts retailer.

Djuan214 (original poster)

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Thank you all for replying so what im going to do is replace the compartment pieces of group head. I already made an order and should take a few weeks to receive ... -123741421

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Be careful in investing much on it,
many many parts are disappearing every time we try to re-order them,
although we still have many on stock of the basic ones,
remove the showerscreen remove mushroom valve holder, spring and related mushroom silicone valve,
clean chamber/seat well,
few drops during warm up are normal once the pressure is building up not,
the above parts if chamber is cleaned should be replaced (mushroom and spring not the holder necessarily)
if the valve will leak after the pressure is building up then the brew thermostat can be the issue not shutting off when it should, assuming also you don't have the steam one activated.
All the above the leak is from the center and not from inside the frame and therefor between the the boiler's halves
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Yes! Thank you i don't wanna spend too much money on it especially since it's a discontinued model. I rather save up for a better espresso machine/grinder. Since I'm new to the whole espresso world i wanna ease myself into it since it's pretty much an expensive hobby. With that said i don't think my machine requires much fixing, it's looks like it works for the most part.