Spong Coffee Grinder No.1 - missing screw

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Hi, I bought a Spong Coffee Grinder No. 1 at a boot sale. It's in great nick but it's missing the large silver screw that joins the handle onto the grinder. Can anyone let me know what type/size screw I need to buy as a replacement? I have no idea! Many thanks.


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Do the pictures of all of them on ebay help you decide what screw you need?

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Well I can see the head of the screw in pictures of the grinder but I'm not an expect in these things! The head is round and large with a slotted head but I've no idea how long or wide it needs to be. Hoping that someone on here who has some experience with maybe restoring these things might be able to advise. Thank you.


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Maybe you can take it to a local hardware store and test thread some screws into it by hand, and determine if it's SAE or metric, and use something skinny like an allen key, tooth pick, small screwdriver, to figure out the depth of the hole?

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That's what I do, I take what I'm working on into the store and test fit parts for it. I wander the isles of the store when I'm working on a project to get ideas from available parts too. One of my most successful projects was used by the company I worked for to come up with a part for their outdoor antenna mount inspired by rubber pipe couplers and hose clamps.

Hopefully someone who has a Sprong could help out. Is it a machine screw that threads into the grinder or a tapered screw that attaches?

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