Solenoid /O-ring replacement gone wrong (Updated)

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UPDATE: put the old solenoid back in and still get the water coming out the coffee side when I want hot water...Me thinks I didn't put something back together properly. But what?

Okay, I replaced my old solenoid that was leaking/bubbling up along with a number of the o-rings. The machine works. But when I go to steam or get hot water, a significant amount of water or steam comes out where the porta filter goes. Makes a fine espresso but no go on steaming milk or getting hot water.

Did I do something wrong? Could the solenoid be incorrect? All the wires went back per my before photo. No apparent leaks w/ the top off that I see. Just the water/steam function not working correctly. Breville just wants it shipped in for minimum $250 and otherwise no knowledge for troubleshooting.

Confused and jittery on espresso.

Clayton (original poster)

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Is it possible the new solenoid is wired differently?