Software UI mods for Decent Espresso?

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I'm curious if anyone has worked on modding the visual design of the decent de1? I'm considering it as a potential machine to upgrade to however one thing holding me back is just how ugly the UI is. I understand there's a large modding community however I haven't seen much information on modding the software design. For context I'm a UX designer myself so I feel comfortable with the visual design aspect but I'm unsure how I easy it would be to get any modified design on machine, I'm assuming I'd need some coding knowledge. Any insight would be super appreciated.

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Randy G.

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Get on the Decent forums ( and search there. There have been a lot or work by individuals in that regard.
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#3: Post by Jeff »

There are a few options on the Tcl base that DE supplies. Of those Mimoja Cafe is one I find the most usable. Others like DSx, though I don't think the way that Damian does. Even with Enrique, an individual contributor, and Mimoja, another individual contributor, donating their time and skills to rewriting portions the Tcl-based app (it is NOT an Android app and did not supply any APIs until individual contributors added them), there are significant limitations in the app and in DE's approach to software in general that prevent significant improvements.

You can check out the "stock" UI options by downloading the software from the Decent Espresso site and running it as an emulator on macOS/Windows/Linux.

There is an alternative core to run the DE1 that has been developed. It provides APIs and there are efforts underway to build a professional UI on top of it. For a variety of reasons, these are discussed on the Discord channel and, which are not run by Decent Espresso.

Aozolins (original poster)

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Thanks for the info everyone. Does anyone have an invite for the decent discord channel or basecamp? Do I have to be an owner to get in?


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Why all the closed forums? What is there to hide? I'd be able to freely offer my knowledge on software design. As an example, I have quite some knowledge on artificial reasoning systems which could be used to send more flexible recipe definitions and to reason over the output graphs. This could be used to suggest improvements or a debugging flow for your shots. But alas, I am not allowed ... Things are secret ...


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I used to find closed groups silly as well, but I've seen that it's a way to keep discussion relevant.

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I find it quite silly as I find way to much of the discussion not relevant(noise).

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The closed forums were a selling point for me. User forums and software development don't always have the same near term requirements though.

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#9: Post by Ken5 »

I can see a real benefit to a forum where only owners can participate, but why not allow people to browse without the ability to post??? This way people can see what it is all about before purchase. Who knows, it might even increase sales. Maybe even take it a step further and have ONLY ONE folder where non users can ask questions related to purchase decisions. I would think that it would also help with sales, and if an owner wants nothing to do with that thread it is easy enough to avoid. I am sure there would be people that would be open to responding to pre purchase questions.

Just my thoughts... At this point I have no intention of purchasing a Decent, though my interests are peaked a bit. I am sure there is plenty there that would educate me, and perhaps sway me into getting one for my next machine.

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Might be possible if it was a forum, but it's basecamp desperately trying to look like a forum and IMHO, failing miserably.