Small leak from steam wand on ECM Synchronika

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It's leaking where it attaches at the face plate. Small drips of water and some steam. I'll try tightening the attachment nut. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue.

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From ECM Synchronika leak:
jrham12 wrote:I had that same leak from behind the steam valve on my synchronika... Here is what I posted on another thread regarding what I found, which o-ring needed to be replaced and which one from McMaster-Carr I used:
Dan Kehn


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Thanks Dan! Interesting that between here on HB and over on the ECM group on FB there seems to be a rash of people having this same leak lately...


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Just replaced my vacuum breaker valve for the second time in a 18 months. My T connector was brittle and broke apart so upgraded that to brass also. Highly recommend upgrading that when ever your vacuum breaker valve goes. I also order a new silicone round seal. I didn't want to spend the $25 on the square ones.


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Yeah, I agree that the square ones are probably overkill as the stock o-ring is round... I measured the existing o-ring and just matched up the closest size so I ended up ordering the square cross-section ones just as a precaution if I was off on my measurements. (Thinking that they may provide a greater surface area for sealing)
My thought at the time was to avoid additional delays for shipping because I wanted to get my machine back up and running!
Good luck with the repair when you get the new o-ring!!!

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I removed, cleaned and reinstalled the steam wand. Tightened things up but I"m still getting a small dribble from the front at the base. Reading the thread from Josh above, could it be the internal seal? When I removed the wand, the rear looked solid like there was no place for water to come from.


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Is it still leaking after you replaced the internal o-ring (#12 on the parts diagram posted in the other thread)? Or did you only re-tighten the tubing connection and the nut that secures the steam wand to the front panel?
In my case, the dribble of water was running down the front (outside) of the front panel so I surmised that it must be the internal o-ring that seals part #4 to the valve body. A leak at that joint would be the only way the only way water would drip down the front of the panel; a leak from the tubing connection would likely just drip inside the machine and not migrate through to the front of the panel...


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Hi Josh -

I didn't replace the internal O ring. Bought them, but I thought I'd try uninstall and reinstall first.

I guess, I'll go back and try the O ring.


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This happened to me and WLL sent me an entire steam want so I don't know which it was because it was a complete assembly. But I had the same leak. Now solved.

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Thanks all.

I replaced the o ring and seems to be good for the moment. However, it usually takes a bit of time for the drip to start. Easier than I expected.

We'll see.

I appreciate the help Josh.