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Not sure how to start a new topic so hope my question is appropriate here.

A few days a ago I purchased an ecm synchronika. When the machine is still cool my shower screen flow distribution resembles an even rain-like distribution (much like most videos I've seen). However, once the machine has come to temperature, there is a single more aggressive stream in the centre. There is also some bubling on the shower screen.

My initial thoughts were excessively high temperatures, possibly caused by using water that is too soft for temperature sensors. I'm now using 70/30 water but the "problem" persists. Brew temp is set to 94° in PID.

Any ideas on what may be causing this?


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The aggressive stream you see once the machine is fully warmed up may be the beginning of flash boiling. Check out this very educational post from Jim Schulman: Getting accurate shot temperature displays on PIDed double boilers without a thermometer to check the PID offset of your new machine.

As Jim explains, the temperature you set on the PID is the desired water temperature as it exits the group. In order to do this properly, there is an offset programmed into the PID which actually keeps the brew boiler at a higher temperature to accommodate temperature losses between the boiler and the E61 group head. If the offset is not programmed correctly, the water can come out too hot or too cold.



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Thanks Josh! Makes a lot of sense.

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It's fixed! Thanks all.

I have about 20 O rings if anyone needs some. Happy to share them for free.