Silvia V1 PID (Watlow SD3C)

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I've just finished refurbishing an v1 Silvia that I got used several years ago (covid purchase, sat in the garage for a while), and have been playing around with pulling shots etc.

While I've got some issues with pulling shots in terms of length, I'm interested in installing this Watlow SD3C PID that came with the machine. It wasn't installed at the time and its an external mount, has a bunch of wiring and a thermocouple. I've searched high and low, and even through the internet archives trying to find a copy of the what I think was Jim Gallts install instructions.

The website that was associated, is apparently no longer being hosted. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the install instructions or can point me in the direction of where I might find one?


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I'd try Internet Archive first if the site doesn't come back alive.*/

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Yeah I tried that already. The problem is you needed to purchase the instructions - they werent actually freely available on that site to start with.


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Does this help? ... 31-06.ashx

Also, write the company if it still exists. They might assist you. I had that with Auber. Got a second hand PID for my ViaVenezia, and they happily assisted me.