Siemens EQ.6 Plus 100 overheats in standby mode?

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Hello everyone on this great forum!
I have a Siemens EQ.6 plus s100.
When I plug it into the power outlet, it starts to get hot right away. (Without me turning it on) after about 1 minute, it starts to steam slightly and after 2-3 minutes it is overheated.
If I turn the machine on and quickly choose a drink, it does it in time, but then I have to turn it off again quickly so it doesn't start burning :oops:

Has anyone here experienced something similar or has an idea of ​​what it could be?

The machine has made about 2000 cups.

Thanks for any input I can get!

Alexander85 (original poster)

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Edit; i have opened it up and although its only plugged in(and not turned on) the thermoblock get really hot


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Generally there's a FET or similar to control voltage flow to the element, pulsed as required. I'd venture a guess that that is short circuited - so the machine can't turn off the heater.
Can't give you practical advice on locating and testing it, it's just my slowly puttering train of thought. :)

Team HB

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I don't have any idea what a Siemens Eq 6 plus 100 is, (but I bet it equals 106)...

But, I'll bet that if you can post a picture of the powerboard, Jannus, or I (or someone here) will tell you which triac or FET is the likely suspect.

Alexander85 (original poster)

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it would be amazing! If you look at the circuit board, it doesn't look damaged anywhere. but as Jannus writes it seems reasonable, some component that controls the electricity has broken. Adding some pictures and crossing my fingers! :D

Team HB

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Is that all the electronic pieces in the machine? Doesn't seem that that has suitable connectors to control a heater. Is there anything else hiding in there. Rectangular box with 4 wires maybe? Can you see a part number on the part attached to the big heat sink?

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When they bolt it to a heatsink that big, I'm going to guess that that dark little component is controlling the serious load.

But let's hear what others think.

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One more question, On the right end of the board is a 4 pin connector with a fifth connection off to the side, where do those 5 wires go?

Alexander85 (original poster)

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This is a closeup on that component JRising.

Alexander85 (original poster)

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Ira; on the thermoblock there is a connection, attaching a picture.

Do you mean the 4 pins on the pic below?
If so, those are the connection to the waterpump