Screening out fines with a vibratory shell polisher?

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Any one using a machine to shake out fines? I was thinking about making a fine mesh insert for a polisher i have to repurpose it and using #120 ss mesh screen. Waste of time?

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I once made a powered sifter for one of those hand shaken sifter stacks. I attached a 8" woofer to a piece of plywood, made a hole the correct size for the bottom and a Rube Goldberg way to hold it in place, drove it with a couple of FETs driven by a Arduino, unbalanced square wave to give the coffee time to fall and a rubber glove across he bottom to keep coffee out of the speaker. It was a prototype for a commercial product that went nowhere. But, when I showed it to the person who I made it for, he was blown away by how fast it sifted, something like 10 times faster than the vibratory ones.

A bit noisy though.

Unless you want to sift a pound of coffee at a time, a vibratory polisher seems quite overkill. Unless you make a small weighted(to stay upright) container that just floats around in the media.


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Chuck12345 wrote:Any one using a machine to shake out fines? ...Waste of time?
What kind of coffee preparation would benefit? Pourover? For what it's worth, here's a few other threads asking a related question:
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Thank you...I love the amount of thought you put in to that set up. I'm a tinkerer too and will probably try it for my brother...he uses a blade grinder or store bought for his esspresso/Americanos, and laughs at me using a scale. It is for about a a time.(i don't want to have to shake that much). I dont see doing it for my single dose but hey, might be fun.(coffee dust wafting thru the kitchen)

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Thank you for those links...will definitely look at those.

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No, you need rubber diaphragms top and bottom. I've no actual idea whether what I did was advantageous. Partly it made it possible to make really interesting noises while it was working to make people think it was somehow special. I can tell you that it worked really well except it couldn't get the coffee off the edges of the screens. If I'd ever done a version 2, I would have built something to tap it to knock that stuff loose. Won't be a problem in what you're doing. The shaker I used was only about 2" in diameter.


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Great... Now all those other VDT ideas have me thinking of vibrating the accupuncture needles in a hand held distribution tool. For off to the love shop ;)

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Vibrating the basket to distribute the puck has been tried a number of times and tends to end up a failure, maybe vibrating the distribution tool will work better.

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Thats my hope too...I will let you know the results.