Scale and possible corrosion on steam boiler fitting

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#1: Post by nisb »

I just bought a 2011 Dalla Corte, and it's been running great.

Today I finally had the time to take the shell off, and while it was generally clean inside, I found scale and corrosion on the steam boiler fitting that connects to the pressure stat and pressure gauge.

Should I go ahead and disassemble, descale and put back together with some Teflon tape - and is there any risk to this? Or any chance scale may have plugged the leak?

I'm fairly handy but don't want to break my new toy and have to go back to espresso from my old Silvia :)


#2: Post by Marmot »

I don't own a Dalla Corte but i have read about this typical problem. The t-piece is connected to the boiler with a thread without a gasket. You only have to clean it and put some teflon tape on the thread before attaching it again and test if it is not leaking anymore.
Although looking at that build up of scale it would probably be best if you could remove the boiler and water pipes and thoroughly descale them. There is probably a lot of scale and gunk in that boiler impairing your water quality and heating capacity of the machine.