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Put everything back together, there are no leaking ..

The steam pressure is very strong and steady, just like my ponte vecchio lusso, still waiting for my group gasket to do a test shot..

It's a well build machine!

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You did a great job in rebuilding the machine. It looks really nice, and I love the simplicity of it.


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Wow, you've got it looking brand new! Really nice work. So this is a Sama Club? Or does it say Sama la Ramona on the serial plate?

Looks like a great machine. Wonder why they made a beefier version of the Lusso but didn't keep the thermosyphon. Perhaps these machines pre-date the Lusso? I know the 110v Club versions are very rare. We've seen a handful pop up here on HB over the years.
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vintage sama lusso, la romana, decarli test shot
TEST shot video


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It looks great! Everything is shiny again.

Could you summarize what pieces you bought and what you manufactured yourself?
I'm especially wondering about all the gaskets

grog wrote:So this is a Sama Club? Or does it say Sama la Ramona on the serial plate?
Just to add a bit to Alex's answer: This is not a Club, and it seems like all three units known to me lack a serial plate. It's very similar to a machine from Decarli. The only difference is the switch and the SAMA logo. Decarli also had a 1963 US patent for a machine with a different group, but otherwise identical build, so the design predates all SAMA machines. It is also much better built. Both the build and it's quality seem very similar to those of the Olympia Club.

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you can get the X shape piston gasket from Elektra micro casa's part, they are the same size,

earilier I thought micro casa had a larger piston,but which was not.

I custom cut my own heat element and boiler gaskets using teflon



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Thanks a lot!
I'm assuming the portafilter gasket was also from PV.

Good to know:
The PV baskets do not fit in the original portafilter because of the rim (I've tried).
Luckily a PV portafilter with a PV basket fits.

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Indeed, the fact that the Elektra MCaL 'w' seal works is a good reminder that basket size (45mm vs 49mm) doesn't necessarily mean that the piston OD itself is different.

Really strong steaming power on that one. If you don't do milk drinks, you might find you like the results better with the pstat turned down to .8-.9 bar. I found it ran way too hot on my Oly Club when the pstat was at 1.1 - 1.2 (which is where yours looks to be). But that is really a matter of personal preference and tuning the machine to what you like.
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Max, About the filter gasket I use the o-ring
The oring size is 54mm (outside) X41.5mm (inside)X6mm (wide)X 5.25mm (thick)

It fits pretty well to me.


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This is very useful for when it's time for me.. :)