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It has nothing to do with UK outlets. I had the same problem. Happy to inform:
- 10 mins disassembly of the triac PCB
- 10 mins soldering the new triac
- 15 mins connecting the PCB and reassembly
and Voilà - It works!!!

All it took is replacing a $1.7 triac.

here is the culprit:


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Quick question, how do you when which TRIAC to replace? My brew head is overheating while off and plugged in. Is there a schema?

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cocoash wrote:Thank you for the tip. I suspected it was a "relay" issue. I removed the triac pcb, tested the triacs and one of them is done...
I ordered a new triac - Mfr#BTA06T-600CWRG. It's about $1.7 - hopefully everything else on the IC is ok... We'll see in 5 days.
Hey , just a quick question, what was overheating for you? My brew head is going nuts and I don't know which one of the 3 to change, seems like there are 2 Q6015 and one BTA06T-600CWRG. Can't source the bta ones in the uk that easily...