Sage (Breville) Barista Express doesn't automatically stop extraction

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TL;DR: My Barista Express doesn't stop the extraction automatically. Breville changed the solenoid valves twice, and the problem keeps coming back after a few weeks. Any idea what else could be the issue?

I have a relatively new Sage Barista Express machine (less than a year old). After the first few months of usage, it stopped automatically halting the extraction, meaning when I press the single or double espresso buttons, the extraction goes on until I press the button again. I tried descaling twice and resetting the shot volumes, neither of which worked.

I live in the UAE, but the machine was bought from Germany. I took it to the Breville service center here, and they replaced the solenoid valve, and told me that it was the issue. The machine worked properly for a few weeks, and then the same issue started again.

I took the machine to the service center the second time, and they said the second solenoid valve was also malfunctioning, and they changed it too. Again, the machine worked properly for a while, and the same issue started again.

This issue doesn't bother me too much, because I always use the manual mode, but if I want to sell the machine some day, this will be an issue for a prospective buyer. I want to get this fixed.

I am taking the machine to the service center again, but I feel that the issue might not just be the solenoid valves. I would appreciate it if anyone who has experience repairing these machines could tell me what else could be the issue. Breville has a very minimal presence in the UAE, so I feel that the technician here isn't super proficient in the machine, but I can't send it to Germany for a repair.


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What water are you using? These machines seem very susceptible to hard water.