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Maybe this subject has been talk before, if so, sorry; Anyway here's the thing: I have 2 Aromas one first generation and the other the very last; On the old one : I did replace the Ulka pump along with the safety valvo S3 and the some problem persist : The flow output from the boiler is there but weak; The steam output is fine and as soon as I close the steam valve, the sound of the pump lower down like forcing ..With the portafilter attached , the output eventually comes but slow and weak.. I compare the 2 Aromas and for sure the flow of the old one is too weak (shower screen removed on both ) ; I noticed that the 2 boiler valve are differents (flat plastic valve, instead of half-ball on the newer one.. This old Aroma is in a very good condition and i would like to fix ; I wonder if this very new pump could be also weak ?? (non-sense really ?) Many Thanks for your ideas and help . JM


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If you swap pumps between the machines you'll prove whether the new pump is weak...

Are you able to swap brew valves between machines? I've never heard of an Aroma with a flat brew valve, only the rounded one, but if they're possible to swap, see if the problem stays with the valve or the machine.

Does the one with the flat valve have the same "Vis de valve" as the newer one? ... 01196.html

If the vis de valve is the same, the innards are probably transferable. ... e-Kit.html

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Jean-Marc (original poster)

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Thanks for your reply John; It looks like the 2 brew valve are different, the spring on the old one is smaller in diam. and longer and stiffer... I do not think that the 2 vis are interchangeables, i will check... ; I found it hard to believe that a new pump could be defective .. If i remove both brew valve on each machine, and lets say, I do not see the same flow, will it be some indication from this ? Finally , the old one has a safety valve S3 at the output of the pump... Should i remove it or...? Thanks


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If you think (or if you see) that all flow is going over the safety valve rather than going out through the brew head, then maybe the safety is stuck open...

A quick and easy test of whether a pump is weak (On a SBDU) is open the steam valve turn the machine on and run the pump. While it's still cold (is best so you don't burn yourself) grab the steam wand with your thumb over the steam tip and see if you can stall the pump. You can hold back at least 8 bar with a strong thumb, so if the pump wins, it's moving water at at least 8 bar backpressure. If your thumb wins, the pump is weak (Or the flow is escaping somewhere like over a safety valve).

Jean-Marc (original poster)

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I did perform the check you suggest John . and yes the pump did not stall after blocking the steam output : flow comes out from brew head ; so I think the pump is Ok ;And no output flow from the safety valve; So should I suspect something blocking or else inside the boiler ? I forgot to mention that at first I did the decalcification before; Do I have to open the boiler ?? Can I observe something if I remove the brew valve ? Thanks