Rocky thread slop and the teflon tape fix

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I have a new one on the way, and I've been reading about the thread slop on the burr threads, and the teflon tape fix. Has anyone done this? I'd love to hear some feedback before I start tearing it apart........thanks.

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I Teflon-taped Rocky's top burr carrier ~ 3 years ago, and have replaced the tape once. My experience is only one "not data" point. Before taping, Rocky's hopper wobbled slightly while grinding. After putting 3 wraps of Teflon tape on the upper burr carrier, there was no visible wobble. The tape has clearly taken up slop in the threads. I think it has helped the consistency of my shots, but with all the other changes I have made to my setup, who knows?

I Googled for one of the earlier threads on which Teflon taping Rocky was discussed on AC -- interesting reading for a Rocky owner considering this mod.

Rocky Problems since Burrs Replaced

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Thanks for that link....good reading.


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Thanks for the link and the advice.

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I wrote something on this in another thread:

Rocket Cellini with Rocky grinder

If you are interested.
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Thanks for the links. I've had my Rocky for about 2 years but never performed any cleaning or maintenance. We were using it for French Press only. After years of waiting we finally had the extra money to buy an espresso machine (our first machine, and budget minded, we went with Silvia.)

Unit arrived on Friday, I spent all weekend trying to get a decent shot. Coffee would flow within 3 seconds and would turn very watery and produce like 7 ounces in 25 seconds, watery garbage! Were my beans too fresh? (Barefoot Boss Espresso, roasted 3 days earlier)

I used the search function on HB and CG and found many related posts. All signs were pointing to the grind but I had just cleaned Rocky and followed the process for setting zero, it can't be my grind, it wont go any finer without rubbing burrs! I thought it must be my distribution and tamping.

I then found these threads (pun?) and took apart the grinder again, noted the slack in the threading.
I borrowed some Teflon tape from a neighbor and tried to cover 100% of the threads but could NOT manage to screw the top burr back in, despite lots of elbow grease. I backed it out and just went one strip of tape around the center, this time pulling it tighter and was able to get it to thread in more easily. I was able to get the zero point much closer to the zero sticker on the hopper too.

Amazing that such a minor change could make such a major difference. My next shot took 10 seconds to flow and took about 35 seconds to pull 2oz WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Now I can experiment to find the right balance I had read that the grind plays such a major part but when you are newbie like me, you assume that its something I am doing wrong and not some shortcoming of my gear.

Thanks again for the links, they saved me.