Rocket R60v not pressurising if left on 30 minutes or more...

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#1: Post by domino1352 »

I have a Rocket R60v purchased Jan2017 but over the last 18 months or so it has developed an annoying issue/ i.e. once it has been on for a bit it will not pressurise and no water makes it to the puck

the pump is running but sounds different, possibly no-load.?
the pressure dial shows zero.. steam is fine

I have fully disassembled the grouphead and replaced the mushroom ( the ceramic one did not survive disassembly)
no scale evident
gets regularly backwashes though now with this issue it's difficult.

The nearest espresso service co is about 2 hours away..

has anyone experienced this

regards George


#2: Post by JRising »

Can you see if the stepper valve is moving or trying to move? If the pump is running AND sounding normal, it's probably creating flow, even if it is all dumping over its own bypass... If something before the gauge is blocking it, the most likely suspect would be the stepper valve. If it's moving when running, (for example trying to open further because the transducer senses the lack of pressure) but no flow/pressure is moving the gauge, it might just be plugged with calcium. If the valve isn't fully open or trying to move, it's probably electrically dead.

Strange that it happens only when fully heated... I suppose the transducer could be bad and the machine is keeping the valve closed because the transducer signal is saying the pressure in brew circuit is too high.


#3: Post by dgyvr »

I have the same issue with my Rocket Cellini from 2017 as well.

It is strange that this happens only when fully heated. Is there any way to check whether the transducer is faulty without ordering a new one in? It takes a while for me to get a part shipped to me and the local supplier (600Km) from where I am currently has this part listed as out of stock.