Rocket R58 V2 Not Powering On (Clicking)

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#1: Post by jvanderhof »

Running into a strange problem with my Rocket R58. After turning the power switch on, the unit continues to cycle on and off. Tried a different wall outlet and removed it from the smart plug it was previously connected to.

Any ideas?

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#2: Post by cafeIKE »

It could be something as simple as a bad connection: corroded / burned / ???

The dealer or site sponsor EspressoCare might be of some help.

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#3: Post by JRising »

To my ear, a short circuit is drawing so much amperage that available voltage at the Gicar drops too low and the Gicar has to reboot...
Once it's done rebooting, it's activating whatever circuit has the short and is rebooting repeatedly...

I think I am hearing it activating the pump motor (the noise as the reboot ends and it's almost ready)... I would disconnect the pump (Should be wired through a connector, just pull the plastic connector apart and make sure it's safely not touching anything) and the boiler fill solenoid (Pull off both wires, and wrap them to keep them from touching anything)...
If your Gicar can boot up and stay on without those components connected, then the short is in one of those components. (I chose them because they're the ones turned on when the machine wants to fill the steam boiler).

If it's not them, see if you can spot ant water stains that might give a clue about an electrical short, or burnt wires or anything obvious.


#4: Post by Giampiero »

Try to see if you can find some similarities with your case in this thread, the OP stated at post #21 that he did replace the board and the issue disappear, but you can eventually check if something wrong with the water reservoir connection where there is a probe to detect the water reservoir lack of water.
Rocket R58 electrical issue?