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Hi guys.

Recently bought a used R58, and from the manual + booting up on the display it says 2015 - does that make it a V2? What is the difference exactly?

I'm really enjoying the machine, looks great and espresso has never been better :D

I have a few questions about it though...

1. The valve on top of the steam boiler seems to spurt and splash until the pressure is up. I guess it's no real problem, but could/should it be adjusted? (you can see drops on the valve in the middle of the picture)

2. I had the spout breaker remade (since this was missing from the exhaust for some reason), but does anybody else with this machine experience exhaust gushing is a bit extreme? I feel that the drip tray is so shallow that the exhaust splashes so much that it ends up on the front of the machine. I tested the pressure at grouphead, and blindfiltered it reads 8,5 bars. Any tips?

3. The steam wand - this is a pretty annoying thing that my Izzo Vivi certainly didn't do - seems to get so hot that milk burns onto both wand and tip after just one jug of milk. There seems to be a red tube inside (no burn), but maybe it doesn't protrude enough? What can I do otherwise?

Looked inside just to clean the white plastic manifold from accumulated Brita-coal particles and just check everything. Looks pretty nice and clean, but is there any other caveats/common issues I should be aware of?

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Add a cover to the vac break to prevent the spray eventually ruining the wiring.

What vac break spray will eventually do and how covering it ensures lifelong pristine connectors:

Not my machine after 18 years!

This style of vac break is better and rebuildable with a new gasket.

My machine after 15 years.

AndersHP (original poster)

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Thanks, I will replace it with this.

Any other tips regarding the other points?

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Not sure about the steam wand. I've never had a no burn, but am told it can reduce performance. Some pull the tube.

IMO, steam tips are often poorly mated as the same tip appears on an SBDU and a big double boiler.