Rocket R58 idle temperature + gushing like crazy!

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Hi everyone.
I just bought a used Rocket R58 (2015 model), coming from a HX machine. I grew tired of temperature-surfing.
I have a few questions regarding this machine or dual boilers in general:

1. I couldn't help but installing Eric's thermometer on the e61 just to check how stable it was. Maybe this is just asking for needless worries. After a 20 min warmup my old HX superheated the grouphead to +102*C (215*F), requiring cooling flushes around 1 minute to get it down to around 92*C (198F). After 20 minutes the water on the R58 head is around 85*C (185*F) which I think is a bit low? The PID is set at 106*C (222*F) internal in the boiler and this should correspond to 94*C (223*F) at the group? I think the heating element is fine, because the boiler temp is "ready" at the set temperature pretty fast, according to the display. I pulled a shot and the temp raised to around 88-89*C but I still think it's a bit low? Coffee tasted pretty good though, but I'm currently on a forgiving bean..

2. This machine gushes like crazy from the exhaust after pulling a shot or backflushing! The pump pressure gauge reads 9 bars (10 bars blindfiltered) - but I almost need to cover the exhaust with a towel not to get the front of both the machine and myself and the kitchen stained with the spray! I'm talking water on my clothes, in my face and everything on the counter gets wet. Normal? Any ideas on how to prevent this?

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  1. My 2008 Vibiemme DB v1 group idles about 85°C, but pulls @ ≈90°C.
    20 minutes is a bit short to heat all that metal. Cover group with a heavy towel if you want a quicker heat.
  2. Only way to check pressure is at the group. The panel gauge may be inaccurate.
    However there is a large gap between the group exit and the tray.

    Rocket left, Vibiemme right
    Perhaps a copper, PVC or vinyl sleeve bodge up from the hardware store?


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Take apart the drain section of the E61 head and make sure that (24) piece is in there, It is like a little baffle that helps reduce the velocity of the drain.

AndersHP (original poster)

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Just got around to disassembling the exhaust, and the (24) is indeed missing. Only a rubber gasket in its place, see below. But if I buy and install the (24), wouldn't the bottom spring get excessively tight?


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The 24 is pretty thin. I don't think you'll notice a difference in the spring.

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You don't need the rubber gasket. It's not on the exploded diagram.

Teflon gasket #25 seals the exhaust from leaking

AndersHP (original poster)

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So, had this part #24 spout breaker made on a lathe.

1. When spout breaker replaces the black rubber gasket, the exhaust drips while brewing. My guess is since the gasket is 4-5 mm thick, the lower spring now isn't pressed enough to seal. I think it seems the spring used is for the lever arm? So actually it's too short?

2. When both gasket and #24 spout breaker is inserted, the machine still splashes like crazy and everything gets wet.

I didn't have this problem on my Izzo, does nobody with a R58 (or another Rocket?) experience this other than me? The drip tray is quite shallow.

Could I replace the bottom chrome part with something that includes spout breaker? My Izzo had the spout breaker in this part. Here it is: ... KCEALw_wcB
But it will change the appearance of the exhaust a bit...


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I strongly suspect that you could swap an Izzo bottom piece into the Rocket...

AndersHP (original poster)

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Shouldn't be necessary though, right?