Rocket R58 E61 rebuild

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Hello everyone,

Over the weekend i decided to gift myself a used r58 machine (first gen with old black controller), as with my previous machine experience, the previous owner did not know how to take care of it so it was fully neglected. I have cleaned both boilers, all pipes and the grouphead. Everything works, just a small leak at the bottom of the group head discharge port while its pulling a shot (the machine is still holding 9-10 bars steady throughout the shot.

Could anyone please recommend a local shop around Toronto, Ontario (Canada) that would be able to provide all parts for a full e61 head rebuild? I know of Astragroup but i am not sure if they would actually carry exact rocket parts? Just want to see if i can pick up parts locally before buying online.

Also, the upper sleeve in the grouphead as its been neglected the chrome is basically gone, just few chrome spots left, most of it is brass looking color after cleaning. My question is it it still safe to drink/use or should i just buy a new piece or maybe even upgrade to a flow control valve?

Will post pictures as soon as its polished up and ready to go :)

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I do work for them, I don't get commission.

But for what it's worth, I don't think the E61 valves will be on the website, they will have them at $27 a piece. The Cam gaskets Kit with a little tube of Molykote 111 grease is on the site, ... r-Kit.html

If you just phone them, they'll be able to take care of you.