Rocket Giotto V - power switch stuck in off position

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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I used my Rocket Giotto V twice as I usually do, and turned it off after the second use.

This morning, I went to turn it on, and to my surprise, the power switch is stuck in the off position. Everything worked fine yesterday, no issues at all. I'm wondering if I need to replace the switch?

It is a 4 year old machine, so I think it might be the time when parts start breaking.

Unfortunately, the switch I need is sold out of all US shops, and I'm not sure where to order a new one (if I even need it).

Any recommendations on what to do from here? Should I open up the machine (I have never opened it before) and take a look around?

Are there any good instructional videos or manuals on replacing the switch?

I'm located in Wyoming and there's not anyone who services home espresso machines, so I'm on my own.

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Swapping a switch out is simple... Unscrew the collar nut on the face of the machine that holds it in place, then push it through to the inside... Get ahold of it, swap its wires to the new switch, poke the new one through the hole and screw the collar back on.

The QuickMill one's a little more expensive, but not sold out. ... quick-mill

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@jrising Will this work on the Rocket Giotto V?

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Yep. The 20A Quickmill switch exceeds the rating of the 18 Amp Rocket switch, so it's fine to use.

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Do you think the switch is the issue? Like I said, everything was working great yesterday and now the switch will not flip on, even with some force.

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Yes, your old switch has gotten so hot inside that it has partially melted, then re-hardened seized on the moving parts.

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Before you purchase, call and see what make and where made is the switch.
Ask what the temperature rating is. A 55°C [?] part has no business on the inside of an espresso machine.

It's obviously undersized and / or underrated if it melts.

This CC disclaimer is a bit unsettling:
"Note: We occasionally purchase this part through different vendors, based on availability. While the part may look slightly different, all the parts we purchase are reliable and share the same ratings."

Is the 'tech' fully qualified to specify parts?

Mouser, Digikey, Grainger, McMaster-Carr and more sell quality parts that will work.

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Can you recommend a switch that you think would work?

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Assuming your switch looks like

85°C rated ... GyIABZMYkA

These are only 70°C rated ... BuDg%3D%3D splash proof ... m4bw%3D%3D

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Any tips for replacing the switch?

Also, if I am inside the machine to replace the switch, what other service items should I be looking for?

I figure that if I can replace things that may need it, I might as well. However, I'm not sure what the usual service items are. Speaking with a guy who works on espresso machines, he told me that he would do a service on it for $200. What could that entail? I would like to do it myself if possible.