Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2 pump pressure high

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Hi All
I have a Rocket Giotto Evo V2 that is 4 years old. About 2 years ago I had noticed the round valve (OPV?) near the bottom of the drip tray would have a constant stream of water coming out through the entire shot. I wasn't sure what to do do but I descaled the machine and whether it was that or coincidence, the problem stopped. Recently I've been noticing the pump pressure is running around 11-12 bar and the needle flutters quite a bit. At the same time I get a heavy drip from the round valve. I'm using a correct dose/grind/tamp for the basket.
Twice I've adjusted the pump pressure down using the bolt on the underside, and it is then good for awhile but keeps creeping back up.
I've read that descaling is no longer recommended, and since the first time, I've been using the Rocket softener packs in the tank.
Any suggestions what I could try? I would descale anyway if I thought it was the problem. Unfortunately there are no service centres anywhere near me and I want to try all the simple things I can before going through the expense of shipping the machine.
Thanks so much for any advice!

Team HB

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The bypass relief setting on the pump shouldn't change on its own. Adjust it again to where you want it, if it changes that's weird. If it's just getting stuck (and suddenly going up to 12 bar and relieving over the OPV again, instead of the pump-bypass working at all), then you'd want to clean and lubricate the bypass relief on the pump, inspect it, see if there's something preventing it from opening properly.