Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V1 - very noisy rotary pump

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#1: Post by jubarim »

Hi everyone,

I have a 5-years old Rocket Giotto Evoluzione (version 1). It has a rotary pump. I bought it second hand, and since the beginning, I noticed it is very noisy. I watched some videos of other rotary pumped machines and they are quite quiet.

This is a video of the extraction:
You can also notice the pressure gauge pointer moves like crazy... I am not sure if the gauge is broken or it's related to the noise and/or fast pressure changes in the line.

Do you have any tips? Thanks a lot!


#2: Post by HoldTheOnions »

I would start by opening it and see if you can hear where the noise is coming from. It could the bearings on the motor are bad, it could be the pump is bad, or it could just be something came loose and is vibrating really bad, e.g. motor mounts. Make sure you don't touch the inside while it is plugged in.

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#3: Post by spiffdude »

I've got a Rocket Evoluzione. Makes similar noises. Maybe a little bit less vibration noise though. I'm not sure something is particularly wrong.
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jubarim (original poster)

#4: Post by jubarim (original poster) »

Yes spiffdude, it is working fine besides the noise.

I made a test this morning: the pump released 390ml (13,2 fl oz) in 30 seconds.

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jubarim (original poster)

#5: Post by jubarim (original poster) »

Oh, I just received a reply from Rocket's Andrew:
Hi Joao

Thank you for your email

1. The gauge probably needs to be replaced.
2. The pump noise maybe as the pump motor is touching the boiler inside the machine as I think your machine is from the first series of Evoluzione machines which had very minimal clearance between the motor and the boiler.
Later machines had modifications to the chassis to allow for more clearance. Without looking at the machine it is difficult to be sure though


Andrew Meo
I will open it and check if that's the cause of the noise and post the results.

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#6: Post by spiffdude »

I'm interested in your findings. If it is the motor and/or pump contacting the boiler i would open mine up as well. I've had mine for a couple of years now but if i can make it quieter, why not.
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jubarim (original poster)

#7: Post by jubarim (original poster) »

Yes, sure! I will probably open it this friday or saturday, perform some tests using a gallon to suck water from it - so the tank doesn't get in the way of the investigation, and post the results. I hope that's the issue and there is a way to fix it.

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#8: Post by altiplano »

Did you manage to quiet it down?

If so, what was the issue?

I've have a Cellini Evo and have all always thought my pump is noisier than it ought to be... So much so if it weren't for the manometer reading full pressure without a portafilter on I would think it's a vibe pump...

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jubarim (original poster)

#9: Post by jubarim (original poster) »

Sorry, I forgot to update de thread. So I continue to talk to Andrew and I opened the machine with the help of a friend:
Hi Andrew, how are you?

I opened the Giotto with a help from a friend and we could not identify the source of the noise. Attached you can find the pictures, could you tell us if this machine has the clearance issue (motor and boiler).

Also we shot a video with the machine ON while opened:

Thanks very much,

Joao Assis
Hi Joao

I suspect you may need to reposition the boiler slightly as it MAY be touching the pump motor.
You may need to move and bend the bracket that holds the boiler a little bit to create some extra room



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jubarim (original poster)

#10: Post by jubarim (original poster) »

So we did not manage to quiet it down... I really looks like a vibe pump, but it is a rotatory:

So I think I will just leave it this way for know...