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jubarim (original poster)

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Oh, I missed an email from Andrew, I only saw it today:
Sorry just I listened to the video... I do not think the pump and boiler are touching and the noise is not overly loud in my opinion. Without having the machine here I would suggest leaving things as they are and see what happens or if you want perhaps try a new pump but without the machine it is difficult to be 100% sure


So I guess I will really leave things as they are. Getting a new pump here in Brazil will be very expensive, dollar and Euro are prohibitive these days...

What are you going to do altiplano? Has your machine always been noisy?


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does the pump make the same noise even when only refilling the boiler?
It seems a noise like cavitation, it's happen when the pump inlet suck less water than it should.

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jubarim (original poster)

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Yes, the same noise... And it happens with the tank full or almost empty.

Do you think its a valid test to make it suck water from an external gallon?


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Mine is a similar sound. It's seems louder when refilling the boiler vs. pulling a shot.

The comment about cavitation is something hadn't thought of. I believe rotary pumps do perform better with a head pressure on the inlet from the mains... I have always intended to plumb mine in but have managed to put it off... Perhaps another reason to get it done.

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jubarim (original poster)

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Hmm that's interesting (In my case I don't think I will have the authorization from my wife :? )

How old is your machine? It looks like the first models had this noise issue. Mine was built in 2010.


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cavitation is the first thing that came to mind for me. Make sure there are no blockages or kinked lines between the pump and the tank.