Rocket Giotto Evo R: Two manifolds cracked within a few months

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I have my Rocket Giotto Evo R for about 3 years now. I really like the machine, simple to operate and effective. Not hard to repair either.

The machine is plumbed since the beginning. I only use the reservoir to decalc it every few months (the water is soft around here, so this is not a big issue).

However, right during Christmas, I did notice that the manifold cracked into pieces (see attached photos). I ordered a few one, I replaced it, and everything was good to go and operating normally. Notice that both the manifold *and* the fitting on the reservoir cracked.

First exploded manifold:

However, preparing for the next decalc, I noticed that it cracked again, which requires another replacement... The only difference between the two episodes is that I didn't leave the reservoir in the second time (I was fearing that it could put too much pressure and led to the manifold to explode the first time.

Second cracked manifold:

I am wondering the following:
  • Is this simply something that happens often?
    Is it because there should always be water in the thank & in the manifold, otherwise it dries out and cracks?
Could it be cause by something else?

From the second cracked manifold, we can clearly see it started in the bottom hole, but I don't sense any undue tension on that part of the manifold, the connecting tube is very slack.

Any advice or thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated!