Rocket Giotto Evo R / Mazzer Mini E Repairs and AC mod

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Hello forum!

I've just moved from Singapore to Japan, and the in power voltage is only 100V here. I'm currently using a step up transformer, but eventually I would like to replace the power module with a 100V one.

Another issue I'm having is the chassis inside the Giotto is slightly bent, and I would like to replace it, but I can only find it on[0], and they don't ship to Japan. Are there any shops like this ships internationally?

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[0]: ... chassis-v1

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Going from 230 volts to 100, will be quite a job, not just the control board. You'll likely need control board, all solenoids, heating element, pump motor as well as possibly, lights and switches, and maybe even new wiring harness . I'd just stick with using the transformer if you can .
The chassis usually just bends at the front section, if that is all, you can usually remove the section under the drip tray, and bend it back into shape . It's quite a major job to replace the whole chassis as well as a voltage conversion . You may have been better to sell it before you left and bought a new machine upon arrival

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+1 to the above post.

If the machine operates as before with the step-up transformer, I'd just hide it to think about it less.
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