Rocket Evoluzione v2 pump not stopping

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Hoping someone can help.

I had a squeaky e61 lever in my Rocket Evoluzione v2 and after lubing and putting it back together, the pump turns on, but never turns off. I suspect that the boiler is not receiving any water. The machine is plumbed in, and I turned off the water prior to working on the lever, and turned it back on after I was done.

I have a video here:
Any ideas? Thanks so much.

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Behind the lever is a switch that turns on the pump, if it's adjusted wrong, you might get this symptom.

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Yup, absolutely! I took apart the lever again, and what I noticed when I took it apart the first time that the lever was loose. I had the machine serviced by some awful technicians a few months ago (Faema in Toronto/Mississauga btw if anyone wants to know my experience. It was horrible and I don't recommend that anyone take their machine there). So when I put it back together, I tightened everything up and the lever was now pushing on the small button at all times. So I'm going to unscrew the nuts on that little button and move it back a bit.

Thanks so much for the reply!