Rocket Evoluzione 2 - Fixing control board

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Hi Everyone - I have Evoluzione 2 that's about 6-7 years old. Starting about 3 month ago, the machine started to "stutter" when turning on - After switching on the machine, the light will turn green for 2-3 seconds, and then turns off for another couple of seconds. This pattern repeats itself for the first 3 minutes. I can hear the relay switching on/off during those 3 minutes. When this behavior stops the machine stays on and works flawlessly. During the time in which the green light is off but the switch is on, the pump is not working as well when lifting the extraction handle (which means its not the green bulb).

I reached out to Rocket and they suggested I'd need a new control board. Since I didn't want to send the machine, I found a used control board for sale, and the problem was solved after replacing the board (Rocket part number A190004524, for 220 volt machine).

I would like to fix the original board so I have a spare one, and wondered what could cause the awkward behavior of the machine. Since the board will work after the first 3 minutes, I was thinking maybe its a relay's contact or maybe the capacitor (looks a bit bloated).

Any advice about where to start looking will be appreciated.

Photo of the broken control box:

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Look at the diode bridge, I've had them die and cause similar symptoms.


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Will replace the diode bridge. Found also the Hongfa relay. Will order one as well, just in case.
The electrolytic capacitor is a bit bloated so I will replace it as well (will do it gradually, each component at a time).

Wondered what are the two black rectangle shaped components on the side (here in the picture circled in red)

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Given what look like diodes, my guess is a pair of relays. Pump and solenoid valve?

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It makes sense that those are relays since there is a label R1 and R2 next to them. Interested to know the specs on those relays since I found the specs of the big one


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Jeff wrote:Given what look like diodes, my guess is a pair of relays. Pump and solenoid valve?

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Thanks. Would you know the specs of those relays?


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On the Pro El Ind. version of that board, they're these:

I have never seen those have a problem, they're over-rated for their jobs. I have fixed a few hundred ECMS and Rockets with those boards and only ever seen them burn out the not so over-rated element-relay and they often burn out their transformers. They also burn out their bridge rectifiers sometimes, not often.

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I will start by replacing the diode rectifier and the electrolyte capacitor and see what happens.


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I believe that the relays will be the same despite your grid being 220V... Only the transformer should be different.

But if someone knows I'm wrong, please speak up.